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"The whole concept of EasyScales is not only a very clever idea, but it is also very well       executed!  Learning scales and scale fingering is a very visual activity 

(at least until it enters motor memory), so it makes perfect sense to give students a visual guide.  Visual guides are effective because they actually prevent mistakes until the scale becomes memorized.  And it sure beats verbal correction or using a scale book.  :)  

I am looking forward to using these with my students for many years to come!"

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-- Ms Joy Morin 

Ohio, United States



  "What I can tell you with certainty is that my students have found these incredibly helpful as 

         they master scale fingering as they see how third fingers line up together, etc.

    I’m always seeking and  thankful for tools that serve a purpose effectively.  Weighing the                       benefits, the design, the potential and the price tag, my “scale” tips in favor of                                                           employing EasyScales again and again."


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                                                             -- Ms Leila Viss

                                                           CO, United States






        "EasyScales visual guides are such an enhancement to teaching scale fingering                      to young students. Students who are visual learners will specially find that placing scale fingering directly where they need to look, tucked neatly behind the keys, while learning to play scales is so very helpful.  Otherwise students are trying to watch a scale chart or handwritten                     patterns higher up on the music rack and the confusion between reading                        and playing is just exacerbated. Students are much more willing to practice scales if their understanding of finger patterns is made easier and EasyScales visual guides do just that!"


                                                           -- Ms Penny Lazarus
                                                           Newburyport, MA, USA



   "Your product is working out very well in preparing both my exam and non-exam students 
                                                       for learning their scales."

                                                            --  Andy Chang
                                                           NC, United States




"Teaching and learning scales have become such a fun activity ever since my students and I    started using the EasyScales Visual Guides. This is such a wonderful aid for any piano teacher. It is certainly a goldmine for me."


                                                           -- Ms Jennifer Lee

                                                       Piano teacher, Singapore




"It is easy to remember the scales now. I can play scales both hands together better than before.  And i like EasyScales because it is colourful."


                                                        --  Gwyn Tan, Singapore




"EasyScales helped me to cut down my practice time. I can remember the scales more easily                                     than remembering it from the book. EasyScales rocks!! 

                                  I couldn't have asked for a better way to learn scales!!"


                                                          -- Anika Tan, Singapore



                                                 " Very clear to understand with                                                                         the keyboard pictures showing scale shapes and fingering numbers. It makes                                                     teaching more effective and enjoyable!"


                                                               -- Ms Chew QS

                                                      Piano Teacher, Singapore



 "I have improved in my scales as it is easier to play them, and I enjoyed playing scales even                                     more now. All thanks to EasyScales visual guides."


                                                        -- Cheryl Han, Singapore




"EasyScales is a very useful innovation. It simplfies the scales and makes it less intimidating for                               students. I would strongly recommend it to my friends."


                                                             -- Ms Ivy Pang

                                                       Piano Teacher, Malaysia










MTNA featured a blurb of EasyScales Visual Guides in the Feb/March issue of AMT ~ American Music Teacher !

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