EasyScales Visual Guides



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Trouble getting the piano scale fingerings right ?

You can do it with EasyScales.



  • Visual learning method to master scale fingerings quickly and easily.
  • Well-designed templates which provide instant instruction when place behind the black keys on the piano keyboard.
  • Unique keyboard diagrams imprinted on the templates to promote accelerated and effective learning. 
  • Designed for students to experience scale patterns, eliminates the difficulties with conventional music notations.
  • Proven effective for memorizing scales intuitively based on visual pattern.
  • Avoids unnecessary struggles and frustrations.
  • Easy to read, follow, understand and play scales effortlessly for piano exams.
  • Builds confidence to excel in piano exam


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Designed to follow the piano examination scales



Watch your students gain confidence and independence 

with their scales week after


And teachers will be delighted to discover a visual method that really works!