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  • Each set of EasyScales includes 20 cards needed for correctly learn and play the fingering sequences for every major, harmonic and melodic minor scales from Grade 1-8.
  • 40 unique templates printed in 2 octaves for practicing the scales hands separately or both hands together in similar and contrary motion.
  • 2 coloured coded instructional fingering guides with just enough descriptions to make it easier to follow, rather than convention music notation.
  • Each template is not just one scale. It can be used for scales a 3rd and 6th apart. 
          (Exception: F#, C#, G# melodic minor are laid out in hands separately only)

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EasyScales visual guides

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  • EasyScales visual guide templates fit behind the black keys on a standard piano keyboard.
  • Pick a scale you want to learn, align the fingerings marked on the visual guide over the piano keys.
  • Simply use the fingerings on the visual guide and begin learning how to play the scale right away.




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