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What is the difference between “EasyScales” and a normal scale book?

A scale book is a printed book, it is a study tool. EasyScales displays in graphic form the useful visual shape and pattern of the piano scales. With the visible piano scale shape and coloured coded fingering guides laid out on the templates, EasyScales takes the frustration and drudgery out of mastering piano scale fingering. We understand students are desperately boring learning scales with conventional music notations. EasyScales can be used as a supplement to the scale book.  It is designed specially for students to experience scale shape, eliminates the difficulties with music notations.


How do I use EasyScales?

EasyScales visual guide templates fit behind the black keys on a standard piano keyboard. Pick a scale you want to learn, align the fingerings marked on the visual guide over the piano keys. Simply use the fingerings on the visual guide and begin learning how to play the scale right away!


How will my child or student benefit?

EasyScales provides instant instruction when placed behind the black keys on the piano keyboard. Students can immediately begin learning, allowing them to taste success and confidence.  We keep it simple and easy to understand. Our goal is to keep students’ enthusiasm high in piano learning. Students learning with EasyScales enjoy the success of learning finger sequences and scale shapes effectively. It is also proven effective for memorizing scales intuitively based on visual pattern, where scales are required to be played by memory in the piano exam.



How long do I keep my student playing scales from the visual guide templates? When will they be ready to play without the visual cue?


EasyScales builds the process of learning and memorizing the piano scales from memory. Since each student learns new scales and develops confidence at their own rate, some may be ready to play from memory fairly quickly. Be patient and use your best judgment. The key is to give students that first victory on their first piano scale, and they will reward you by willing to practice because it’s easy. Once students are comfortable playing the scales, you may try frequently to start removing the templates, testing to see if they are ready. Follow your students’ lead, if they protest, let the templates stay. It’s not an issue of reliance. It’s an issue of comfort. But inevitably, the moment will come when your student will say, “ Teacher, remove them, I have memorized , and I can get it right.”



I am not a piano beginner. Can I use EasyScales?


The visual guide templates can be used by both beginner or advanced students, of any age, to get a good start on playing the piano scales quickly and easily.


How can I use EasyScales to supplement my piano teaching?


An effective teacher must have high expectation.  EasyScales takes away the laborious note by note process of teaching piano scale. It takes weeks to months to play scales by conventional note reading system. EasyScales speed up the learning process, allows for accelerated and effective learning/teaching. Your student will develop competency in playing scales using this brilliant learning and teaching tool.




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